Principal's Corner

Penryn’s instructional philosophy is developed around a workshop model (small group instruction-MTSS a multi-tiered support system). Through the workshop model we are able to be responsive and meet the needs of all our students. With this model of teaching, our Penryn team works collaboratively to keep students in the classroom for a majority of the school day. By doing this students are given the same core instruction as all their peers but we can help support with push in given through staff in our resource department, again a Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS). 
Penryn is a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support School (PBIS). Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is a way for schools to encourage good behavior. With PBIS, kids learn about behavior, just as they learn other subjects like math or science. The key to PBIS is prevention, not punishment. Another important part of our PBIS programing is the development of relationships with our staff, families and students. The stronger our relationships the more positive our community can be. We have been recognized by the State of California PBIS Coalition for our PBIS programming at Penryn School with the Platinum PBIS Implementation Award. We are very proud of our PBIS program at Penryn School.
We are also very proud of our Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Program at Penryn. Penryn offers choir, music, band and art.  Choir is offered to students in 4th grade and up, our music program is for K-4th grade. Band is offered to our 5th-8th grade students. We have an art teacher that conducts visual art through different mediums, to all of our students.
It is essential that our school fosters a sense of community. Part of this can be accomplished by having an active and well-represented PTC. We need representatives for every class to help with events and community activities throughout the year. To find out how to get involved or to contact the Penryn PTC with questions or comments you can visit our Penryn PTC website at This website is also a great place to keep up to date on any activities or events.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (916) 663-3993. Please visit our website as well at
Cara Alfonso