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Hi Parents and Staff,
     I love being your Speech-Language Pathologist here at Penryn Elementary!  I also work on campus at Loomis Grammar School. I provide the screenings for new students, the assessments for new and returning students, as well speech therapy by consulting, collaborating and/or working directly with kids with speech or language impairments, who have an IEP. 
     One of my favorite parts about my job at Penryn Elementary is working directly with the kids!  In fact, I have primarily helped children with communication difficulties for most of the years that I have been a speech/language pathologist (more than a decade or two- lol!!).  I have traveled a little bit.  I started out in Sonoma County where I worked for schools and a private practice.  Eventually, I opened my own private practice, which I loved!  I gained extra experience in apraxia, autism, reading, spelling and expressive language. I grew to be passionate about kids of all ages!  We relocated to central Oregon for about six years where we built six foot tall snowmen and enjoyed some of the most beautiful places imaginable all the while working and raising two amazing girls.  There I learned about executive functioning, middle school language, autism at the high school level and I cherished my SDC students. When the economy changed we decided to relocate back to California and closer to extended family.  I worked for a charter school district and gained experience with kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade ranging in cognitive abilities with various communication difficulties. Some used iPads and some spoke in a few words.  Still others worked on advocating for their need in the classroom.  Eventually, an opportunity to work for LUSD came about and I went for it!  I love the small towns of Loomis and Penryn.  The staff put kids first!  I am thrilled to be a part of the teams at Penryn Elementary and Loomis Grammar School. 
     So what does a speech/language pathologist do to help kids?  Well, I coach them about how to make sounds correctly, like the pesky "r" sound.  In fact, I am excited to offer a program called iSAT-PAC which combines technology and traditional methods for teaching students speech sounds.  We are gearing up for a very productive year!   That is not all...I also teach grammar and fluency strategies, as well as instruct about nonverbal and verbal social skills in groups. Kids with auditory processing problems or traumatic brain injuries probably know me well. Want to learn how to get your child to use a particular skill with some prompts?  Parents and teachers can schedule a "How To" session.  Anything having to do with "communication"...that is what I do!!!! 
     I am here to be a resource to parents and staff via email, phone or simply a quick chat.  I love to brainstorm solutions to help kids learn better, speak more clearly or connect more naturally with their friends.  
     You can find my office at the end of the long hall just before the K-2 wing and across from the portables.  Feel free to email me at  Just give me some time to respond because I might be hearing a student make her "s" sound correctly for the first time (and those moments are gems!), or working with a group of kids as they use better eye contact, or catch subtle social cues, or even start to understand perspective taking (...those conversations can be a hoot!  :)  ). 
     Your requests are important.  You might be able to find the answers to some questions right here.  I have many forms and resources right at your fingertips, so feel free to explore (coming soon).  You can also visit my weebly website at for even more great information (and some extra cute pictures!).
                                            Together let's make this a phenomenal year!