Cara Alfonso » Welcome!


I joined the Penryn community in 2011. I have enjoyed working at such a wonderful place where students are put first.


I have been working in education since 2000. I have a Master’s in Education from National University and completed my undergraduate work at UC Davis. I started out as a second grade teacher, moved to 3rd grade and spent a large amount of time in 6th grade. I stepped out of the classroom for about 3 years to work as an instructional coach. After that, I pursued my interest in administration. I received my administration credential from the SCOE Leadership Institution in 2011. Something I really enjoy doing is working with students, I spend a lot of time walking campus getting to know students and the instruction happening around campus.


Penryn is a Writers Workshop Campus; we focus on writing every day. Everyone at Penryn sees themselves as a writer and author. We work to develop the writer not the writing. Many of us have been trained through Teacher’s College at Columbia University, in New York City with Lucy Calkins and her team. We have brought back and shared our learnings with the students, staff and district. Writing is something we are able to weave into all subject areas, it is interdisciplinary, it gets kids thinking and articulating their thoughts. Writing isn’t easy, it is a hard concept to master, which is why we work on it daily. The students at Penryn love to write, love seeing themselves as writers and look forward to expressing their thoughts and thinking daily.


If you would like to visit Penryn I would be happy to show you around and share a bit about our community.

Sincere thanks,
Cara Alfonso