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Hi everyone and welcome! I thought I would start off with a little bit about me. I come from a big family of 2 brothers and 1 sister. We all live in the greater Sacramento area. I love playing the guitar and listening to music, I love hiking and backpacking and I am quite the cook. I grew in the Nevada County area where I went to Nevada Union high school. Growing up I played a lot of soccer and baseball, and I dabbled in a variety of other activities. Eventually I began to specialize in playing soccer. I often would travel to the Loomis area to play soccer for Placer United. I eventually ended up playing soccer for Yuba College. After I was done playing soccer at the college level, I wanted to continue being a part of the sport. At first I just focused on coaching soccer and I even attained a few coaching licenses in hopes that I would coach soccer professionally. However, that changed when I went through the Physical education Teacher Education program at Sacramento State. I had so much fun learning new sports that it inspired me to help others kids to have that same experience. I have gotten the opportunity to teach other sports like golf, football, tennis and a variety of other sports and activities. We learned how to provide good pedagogy so that sports could be as inclusive and fun as possible . One of my the biggest takeaways from the Sacramento State teaching credential program was to find ways to get all types of students access to learning regardless of their ability level.
In the past and in our current culture physical education has only been catered to those who are "naturally" fit or athletic. I believe that every student has the ability to become athletic as long as they are provided with appropriate environment where they can learn. As a teacher, I will provide as many successful opportunities for students when they are practicing a skill. The more a student successfully practices a sport or activity, the more likely they are to continue participating the sport. My goal is for students learn a variety of sports and activities so that they continue a lifelong participation in physical activity. This is crucial is today's society where we are facing hypokinetic diseases like heart disease and diabetes from having sedentary lifestyles.