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Ignacio Recendez

I grew up in both Sacramento and Nevada County. My hobbies are exercising, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family.
As a kid, I played a lot of soccer and baseball, and dabbled in a variety of other sports. After playing soccer in college I received my coaching license and worked with several teams. I went on to complete the Physical Education Teacher Education program at California State University, Sacramento and discovered my passion for introducing kids to new sports and physical activities. My goal is to find ways to make sports accessible to all students. 
Being a first-generation American, I grew up in a Spanish-speaking household. Once I started attending school I began speaking more and more English but always kept my bilingual roots. I take pride in my Mexican culture, from the language to the artwork to the food, and I look forward to sharing that with students. I am currently obtaining my bilingual authorization for teaching.
Although Physical Education may come easy to a handful of students, I understand all students have varying familiarity and ability when it come to the activities that we will be covering. Similarly, while picking up other languages may be natural for some students, there are others who struggle with it. All I ask of students is that they help me create an environment that is safe, fun, educational, and conducive to learning. I require all students to share respect for one another regardless of their differences.